We are a company specialized in the development of Remote Sensing Radar, offering the most advanced tri-band, interferometric and polarimetric drone-borne radar on the market. We offer solutions for companies of all sizes.

Who We Are

We develop disruptive technologies that contribute to preserving the environment.

Our Purpose

To be recognized globally as a company aligned with environmental, social and governance practices.

The only drone-borne radar operating in three bands

Our history


- Founded in January under the name of T-Jump Tecnologias Ltda.;

- Trademark registration;

- First patent application;

- First prototype built;

- First ground tests.


- Start of flight operations;

- Second patent application;

- Approved in PIPE phase 2 of FAPESP.


- Name change to Radaz Indústria e Comércio de Produtos Eletrônico Ltda .;

- Participation in the IEEE Radar Conference in the USA: Radar reveals itself as the only drone-borne radar in the world operating in the bands P, L and C;

- Participation in the Agrishow fair;

- Anatel Certification;

- First service contract: Votorantim;

- First sale of a radar: IREA-CNR, Italy;

- Collaboration with Unicamp through the FAPESP-IBM-PITE project.


- Development of the new version of the radar: family RD3X0;

- Development of software and operations dedicated to the forest inventory;

- Publication of novel solutions in the areas: height of corn plantation, subsidence and forest inventory;

- Partnership in the forest inventory area with a service provider in this segment;

- Participation in the IEEE Radar Conference in Italy: radar is the first with P-band one-pass interferometry to generate digital terrain models in the world;

- Collaboration with Unicamp through the FAPESP-IBM-PITE project;

- Third and fourth patent applications.


- Development of the RD3X0 family successfully completed;

- Production process concluded and supply chain established for the production of 10 Explorer RD350 units in 2021; - Unicamp publishes an article in IEEE IGARSS’21 with unprecedented achievements in the area of sugarcane crop forecasting, using DBSS;

- Transmission certification by Anatel, Brazil, and by TDRA, UAE;

- First service contract with Explorer RD350: Brazilian Air Force;

- First Sale of Explorer RD350: UAE;

- Transformation from Radaz Ltda to Radaz S.A..